Fear the Walking Dead…3

I’m glad Travis mentioned ‘two wives’ in the house because it would have been too much for them to be holed-up together and nobody mention it. They’re good friends enough that Madison wants her bloke’s ex to take her out if she ends up zombiefied because if the boyf had to do it, it would ‘break him’ Madison says.

That was an interesting line. Break him why? Is Madison telling the ex ‘Okay, he came to get you, sure, but it was for your son more than you. This is how much I know he loves me: if he had to finish me off, it’d break him.’

Or is she making a point about the (well known) fact that women are fucking ruthless and make men look like little boys when certain matters are considered? Was her comment a nod to the sisterhood?

So two of the neighbours turned: the bloke from over the road and the little lady next door but, so far, everyone is together ready for some Straw Dogs type attacks on the house. We were lead to think this wasn’t going to be the way the story was spun because Travis and Madison and their extended family packed their vehicles to go somewhere they called ‘the desert.’

What is meant to be in the desert? What they were meant to be going to doesn’t matter because the writers decided to have the army burst onto the scene at the last moment and take over the immediate area and tell everyone to stay inside. Okay, so the road-trip’s off.

So I’m wondering if the army will turn the residential area into a sort of enclave from which operations will be conducted; perhaps the army unit will become detached from it’s command and turn mercenary? The drama has to come from somewhere.

The two ladies could start making things difficult for Travis, but this is unlikey. The drugs will run out and maybe the junkie-son will try to escape the enclave to find more, thus triggering a search, junkie-hunt etc.

I know this is fiction, and I know one shouldn’t take it too seriously, but the neighbour’s husband strolls up to the house without a care in the world because that makes his shock or horror at seeing the state of the wife more drmatic: he moves from ‘normal’ to ‘WTF?’ in a very short space of time. All okay in theory. But to do that he had to come back from his travels, take a cab home, and stroll up to the house in a mood which suggested he didn’t know there were riots and shootings going on in the city? Why didn’t he get out the cab and run into the house, calling out for the wife? The cab driver didn’t say anything?

That was absurd given the context.

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