The Ten O’clock People

That Jeremy Corbyn has been elected to lead the Labour party is certainly news in itself, but is made more interesting by the mass front-bench resignations.

This synchronised move is shocking because it’s the elite showing open contempt for the party members who voted for Corbyn, and also for the party they are supposed to be loyal members of. Why can’t these persons respect the decision of the party and serve under the democratically elected leader?

In trying to smear Corbyn as being so extreme they can’t work with the man, they are publicly displaying their real selves – something they usually keep hidden.

It’s a situation the ‘mainstream’ media are complicit in. If there’s any ‘outrage’ at the behaviour of the front-bench quitters then I’ve missed it, but it was, apparently, a ‘disgrace’ that Corbyn didn’t button-up his shirt’s top button.

What I’m interested in is how long it will take the Establishment to get rid of him?

Corbyn is going to be smeared by members of his own party and much of the press – but he might have the BBC on his side because they love a lefty at the BBC. Radio Four’s Today programme could do away with it’s absurd ‘Thought for the Day’ and replace it with ‘Corbyn Corner’ where some lefty wisdom is spewed to the proles and the rubes each morning. This would make the Today programme at least honest.

(That programme is saturated in political correctness and won’t even call Islamic State by its name; it qualifies by referring to IS as ‘the so-called Islamic State.’)

And now Corbyn has done his first PMQs and though he didn’t make himself look like an idiot, he hardly bestowed ‘live-wire’ status on himself.

Is it worth a prediction?

We’ll have a few months of a dull man playing on the ‘keeping it simple’ in the ‘no spin zone’ line, and eventually the media will have smeared and slagged him enough that one of his bakcbenchers can justify challenging for the leadership without the public being outraged because the public will have swallowed the media’s propaganda. It’ll take a little time, but it’ll happen.


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