Oranges and Lemons

The journalist Peter Hitchens posted a short blog recently and in that post linked to a short news clip.

Hitchens’s blog is here:

The clip he linked to is here:,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_Vh4qBcIZDrvZlvNCU8nxccG&bctid=4570666989001

Hitchens asked that people watch the events which happen at 4:20s into the clip.

What happens at that point is unpleasant, but not especially shocking.

A person is jumped on by a gang of police officers, who are protecting the visiting Chinese president, Xi Jingping, from having to see anything disagreeable, and that includes the small placards the jumped-on person was holding.

I doubt that Peter Hitchens was shocked, but he’s right to be unhappy about it. According to comments on his site posted later, the person who was mugged by the rozzers was detained and had their house searched.

I have no doubt the thug police officers, if they were ever asked to justify their behaviour, would give the Nuremberg defence and consider the matter closed – but they won’t be asked to explain themselves in any case, so they won’t have to.

What is the ‘real’ problem, here?

Is it that the senior plods were under pressure from their political masters, and so issued the ‘just get it done’ order downhill to the plebs?

Or is it that the pleb-officers were happy to be seen behaving in this tyrannical way? I mean, why not just walk over to the lone-protester and gently usher the person away? Why pounce on the person?

I think the ‘real’ problem is that too few persons will react like Peter Hitchens.

I’ll put it another way. It’s not head-bowed obedience to power and authority that will see to it nothing happens to the officers, it will be that many persons will have seen the behaviour of the police and won’t recognise it as a problem in the first place.


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