Dream Sketch Three

A wasteland. The city was destroyed; buildings were ruins and the streets were deserted, though some of the neon signs from the bars and the clubs were still working, the place looked like a modern version of London during the blitz. I was aware of myself being there, feeling I was the only person around, the only one alive.

      There were other beings around this city, though. They were the un-dead, a mix of Vampire and Zombie, and they were aware of me. I was hiding, though not feeling scared. I ran along one street and darted into a small shop, locked the door behind me, leaving two monsters outside looking in. I was calm because I knew they would not be able to break in, maybe they were physically weak? I don’t know. Some time passed and then the two of them entered the room by morphing through the door, just passed through solid matter and stood there asking “What do you think of that?”

   I was impressed and scared at the same time, but the humanoid creatures appeared rather friendly and wanted to turn me into one of them, something I was quite looking forward to, actually. It seemed to be the natural thing to do under the circumstances. The destruction around us was caused by those who were still human. They were on the other side of the world, living in Asia; and when turned, I wanted to take the war to them and battle it out. The things I was with refused to let me, seeming to think that sort of action was not worth taking.

     I was shown the trick of passing through solid matter. One of the creatures held my hand, and I touched a wooden door, painted white, with a metal bolt screwed to it. My fingers passed into wood, as if I was dipping my fingers into white paint, I could feel the tiniest resistance, before it gave way. The sensation was like passing a hot iron through a ball of solder, one feels solids for a moment, it then gives way and becomes liquid. My hand also passed through the metal bolts on the door. It gave the impression of being made of Mercury; it shimmered as my fingers passed through it. This trick only worked when I was holding the wrist of one female vamp/zombie, on my own, I couldn’t do it.

I haven’t a clue about this dream, what it might mean, or what motivated it. Bizarre.