Dream Sketch Four

A man with no eyes, blinded and with but one arm is stood in front of me. A voice says he ‘used to be a tennis player.’ Next, I’m looking at him in profile and his eyes – which are now there – are bulging out of his head, dangerously far, but they are mis-shapen, like they have been battered square. Covering his eyes are large plastic protectors which are sealed onto his face – like bulbous goggles – I get the sense that this is because infection or damage could happen easily. On closer inspection I can see the eyes are almost hanging out and there are hundreds of wires / cables attached to the back of the eye, vanishing into the back of his head. I think they are flat wires, with something printed on them.

The scene changes and I am stood at the bottom of Hill Road , looking up to where the bend is by the church. At the top is a woman who seems to be evil, or someone to be scared of at any rate. She is shouting something down to me – and maybe unseen others – but I can’t make it out. Next, I am in the front garden of 22 Hill Road . I seem to have a disability of some kind which prevents me from hiding from the woman who is making her way down the hill. I look about in panic – what can I do, where can I go? The woman is a composite – part of her is the actress from V and Homeland.

Next I am crouched on the path which ran along the side of the house, close up against the wall as the woman arrived at the garden gate and looks down at me. I shout something at her – ‘You can’t keep kids in..(not sure)..it’s a subjection!” I know for sure I shout ‘It’s a subjection!’

By this time I am aware I am dreaming and decide to wake up because there is a real sense of fear in respect to this woman and whatever is planned I’m not hanging around for it, so I wake myself up to escape.

I used to live in the house when I was a child, but the rest I have no clue about. The actress from the show V is the lead disguised reptile: an attractive woman on the outside but a lizard underneath the surface.