Brexit Backtrack

Most politicians in this country will claim to be democrats, to ‘respect’ the democratic process and place democracy ‘above party politics’. It seems clear that large numbers of the Westminster elite have been hiding a sneering attitude to democracy and the ordinary voter behind their focus-group-arranged faces. This isn’t really a surprise. The surprise is that things are desperate enough for them to happily reveal their true natures.

Chuka Ummuna is the sort of super-smooth elitist who has contempt for the ordinary voter and was ‘talking up’ the sacred 48%; David Lammy – who at least had the decency to openly call the for the result to be ignored – is another.

The feelings of the 48ers must be ‘respected’? What does that actually mean in practice?

The creepiest politician I’ve seen since the result is Daniel Hannan. On the Friday morning, no more than a few hours after the result, he was on the BBC referendum programme saying that nothing needed to happen right away, and has since been getting into circulation the idea that immigration won’t be affected by leaving the EU. It is a very odd position for a ‘leaver’ to take.

Liam Fox – another one claiming to support leaving the EU – said exactly the same sort of things and asked for a period of ‘reflection’.

Why? Why not, after getting the result, should there not be a period of ‘action’?

Respect the result? No.

Obey the result.

David Cameron quite obviously made a significant error in promising a referendum on membership of the EU.  In addition, Boris Johnson knows he made a mistake in hitching a ride to Downing Street on the ‘Leave’ ticket.

What is Boris meant to do now? He’s on a sticky wicket. He got the wrong result.

I cannot believe Boris actually wanted to win. It would make his life easier if his side had lost.

The poor bloke now has to work out a way to say the right things to his party (which wants to remain in the EU) and to the country (which wants to leave) to ensure he gets the job, and he’ll also have to work out a way to renege on his Leave credentials after he’s in Downing Street, and that’ll be fiddly enough even if there’s no general election. No wonder he’s spent the weekend in the country surrounded by schemers. Now the weekend is over, and he’s back in town, he needs to set out to the likes of us what’s jolly well what.

What will be lurking under his carefully scripted and rehearsed words will be the secret desire to stay within the EU.

His words will contain no concrete pledge to enact Article 50 or to actually leave.

The only member of the political class who came straight out and said Article 50 should be enacted immediately, because the people had spoken, was Jeremy Corbyn.

And his party’s elite is showing yet more contempt (this time for their party’s membership) by trying to get rid of him, when, in party terms, he’s got a mandate the size of Jupiter to lead.

This is what will happen:

Corbyn will be got rid of and the leadership of his party will back in clutches of interchangeable political careerists.

Boris will become PM and will delay the Article 50 question and allow it to be forgotten in an ocean of waffle and ‘there’s no need to rush’ posturing.

The British people will go along with this. The British won’t care in large enough numbers because too many of us will be concentrating on our star-signs and picking our lottery numbers.


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