The Strangest of the Strange

What does it actually mean when a person says that so and so was ‘born into the wrong body’? I’ve heard the expression several times and, strangely, always on the topic of sex-change surgery, never any other topic.

I’ve never heard a fat person say they were ‘born into the wrong body’, or the parents of a child racked with cancer.

Is it possible to be ‘born into the wrong body’?

I think it is impossible.

The expression presupposes that consciousness can exist independent of the brain. There is no reason to think this is true, though there are many reasons to hope it is true.

The topic of sex-change surgery is not a religious or spiritual topic, yet the idea a person could be born into the wrong body probably reveals more about the person who says it than it does about the person who wants the surgery.

Society is where the problem is. Every person who has ever been born, whether transgender, or disabled – or anything else – was born exactly as they were ‘meant’ to be born; which is to say they are a product of their genes, their DNA, and not everyone born will fit into a little societal box, ready for labelling.

A teenage boy who says he’d be happier being a girl might well be right. He could easily be much happier after all the surgery and the rest, and I would hope he was. But a simple point needs to be made. That the boy would be happier as a girl doesn’t mean he is biologically faulty. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with him; the reason he might feel different is that society creates boxes for people and somebody who doesn’t fit is said to be ‘different’ but this is really a euphemism for ‘faulty’. The only thing ‘faulty’ in this context is the logic behind the idea.

Children should not be given this surgery. Let them wait until they are adults. Some men don’t realise they are gay until their thirties, for example. All through their teens and twenties they think they’re heterosexual, then realise they were wrong about that.

Imagine the teenage boy who thinks he shoud be a girl, has the surgery in his teens, then realises in his thirties he was wrong about that, and realises nature had things right all along.

The idea of being ‘born’ into the correct body is garbage; the idea of the ‘wrong’ body assumes more than the God-created soul-making machinery in the soul-packing factory exists, it assumes that equipment is malfunctioning.

Think about it.

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NOTE: ‘The right to be ourselves’ means something other than what it says. Being ourselves isn’t a right. We have no choice but to be ourselves, because we cannot ‘be’ anyone else. I wonder what Theroux really means? We all have the ‘right’ to demand surgery to make us happier? I can’t read his mind, alas.


3 thoughts on “The Strangest of the Strange

  1. Being a transsexual myself but also one of Christian faith, I came to answer the often difficult questions by first understanding that Its not a right body or wrong body issue for me. Its really about accommodating the person I know myself to be, that is, the person inside my body. That person simply is not male identified. As for being a christian too, well, I know that above ALL ELSE that God desires honesty in my inward most being. The most honest thing I can do then, is to represent to the world the true spirit of who I am. For me, that spirit has a female nature that Im in harmony and balance with.
    You rightly stated that directly speaking it is not a reglious topic, but for so many people moral sense and creeds are a strong part of theyre character.
    I have always thought that when a person has a problem, especially one that concerns something as basic as gender identity, as with any problem solutions are sought out. Therefore the most moral thing a person can do for a gender identity problem is get treatment. The only treatment available aside from counseling first, is a gender transition.
    I have to admit though that plenty of more or equal variations of human conditions exist that dont get any attention at all, yet here we are in a gender revolution. For people out there who think in terms of a 2 sex binary and that gender identity variations are impossible, well, wouldnt that make gender identity the only perfect thing in all of science and nature? When we live in a world where NOTHING at all is perfect. Why of all things that are far more important to be perfect would gender identity be.
    Its a ridiculous assumption.
    I hope my views have contributed good in some to the topic

    • You say this:

      ‘Its really about accommodating the person I know myself to be, that is, the person inside my body.’

      This is where we’d disagree. A person doesn’t ‘have’ a body, a person IS a body. Your comment presupposes the very thing I talk about in the post, which makes sense if you’re a Christian. But if you’re a Christian, can you explain why God’s equipment is putting people into the wrong bodies? Seems a little cruel for God to let that happen.

      • I Think I can better address the intial question you asked
        ” can a person actually be born into the wrong body”?
        Understand that this was meant as a metaphor ( author unknown) to describe to a doctor how it feels to be hender dysphoric. It wasnt meant meant to be taken literally.
        Using myself as an example,
        Im later in life now, but when I was a young child in the early 60s, there was no information on this condition ( gender dysphoria) and I can honestly say that it does feel like I was born into the wrong body. The dissonance and incongruity between mind and body is very painful.
        Gender dysphoria never goes away, leaving you to grow up with a body you have no or little innate affinity with. But being society imposes its standards and norms on people according to theyre bodily sex the pain you already feel is magnified many fold. Many many male to female trans* people have gone to great lengths to rid themselves of they’re gender dysphoria thinking that if they join the military or take on a hyper masculine job for instance, it will eventually go away.
        Often inspite of what they try it never goes away.
        Please understand the degree of pain this creates becomes profound. It truly an uninvited dilemma. A gender transition to align the mind and body and is the only treatment that for the most part works. Its not as great as having just been born a natal female in the first place but its the best that can be done.
        There are other conditions that spur on gender identity issues.
        In terms of soley gender identity issues though you can google
        Watson scale of gender identity to learn more. I hope this helps.

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