A language Virus

What a man takes for granted, what he offers almost as an aside, is where you’ll find the things he thinks but doesn’t state openly. Then again, perhaps I’m reading too closely?

In his most recent Sunday column, Peter Hitchens writes that:

It is, beyond doubt, the case that our treatment of the mentally ill is a terrible mess. It is also beyond doubt that much mental illness appears to be linked to legal or illegal mind-altering drugs, now far more common than they were 30 years ago. This long predates the era of Islamic terror. One of the first cases was in 1992 when Jonathan Zito was stabbed to death by Christopher Clunis, a total stranger (and longstanding drug-abuser) who was severely mentally ill. This horror, oddly enough, took place at Finsbury Park.

How does a 1992 case of violence pre date ‘the era of Islamic terror’?

What ‘era’ is that?

On August 3 1989 Mustafa Mahmoud Mazeh blew himself up in a hotel in Paddington, becoming the first ‘martyr’ in the plot to murder Salman Rushdie and anyone else involved in the hideous crime of publishing a novel.

In 1983 a truck stuffed with TNT was used by a group – called, oddly enough, ‘Islamic Jihad’ – to murder 241 US Marines in Beirut.

Robert Calhoun, a Lance Cpl in those US Marines, said he saw the face of the driver, and the driver was smiling. Perhaps he was smiling because he was high on drugs? He might have been smiling because he thought he was about to enter paradise. He knew he was about to die. Whatever the reason, his approaching death wasn’t making him feel miserable.

Between 1530 and 1780 approximately 1.5 million Europeans and Americans were enslaved by the North African Caliphate. On the question of the Islamists’ motivation, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were told in 1785 at a meeting in London by the Caliphate’s ambassador, Abd Al-Rahman, that all nations not to have acknowledged Koranic authority were sinners, and it was the Muslim’s right to make war and take slaves and any Muslim who died in this project was sure to go to paradise.

In response, Jefferson created the ‘leathernecks’ – the US Marines.
(This is why I laugh so hard I lose a lump of lung when I hear some chin-stroking imbecile blame US “foreign policy” for the Islamist threat.)

Or there’s Hassan-i-Sabbah – ‘..the forerunner of modern Jihadist terrorism..’ – who got his people stoned, woke them up in ‘paradise’ where they could enjoy some things, then re-drugged them and woke them back up elsewhere, saying they could re-enter paradise if they did as he ordered, i.e – kill infidel scum.

He died in 1124.

What ‘era of islamic Terror’ is Mr Hitchens talking about? I used to think that Mr Hitchens didn’t bother writing about the Islamist Project because it was too obvious: a bit like Orwell not writing much about the Nazis, possibly because he assumed nobody needed telling.

But that sentence about a 1992 attack pre dating the ‘era’ of Islamist terror is a strange one indeed. What would a person have to believe to write it?


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