New Terrorist Incident

It might not make the national news, but a terrorist incident has occured in the town of Weston super Mare in Somerset. Here is the link.

The article doesn’t go into much detail, but seeing as I live in this town I have certain ‘contacts’ and can reveal what actually happened.(Weston is a thriving terrorist town, by the way. The man who drove his car into the muslims was from Weston super Mare before moving to Cardiff for a better class of kebab.)

This is what happened:

A 49 year old man gave his son a chemistry set hoping to trigger an interest in science. Alas, the brat couldn’t work out how to plug it in or download porn from it, so called the police before calling Childline.

The police immediately suspected the chemistry set contained weapons-grade plutonium, so sensibly put the entire town centre into ‘lockdown’; made all children within a fifty mile radius wear high-viz waistcoats and demanded the temporary suspension of the orbit of Jupiter.

Then, armed with CS gas, attack-dogs and fully automatic assumptions, social workers freed the captive child from parental bondage and placed him in the custody of the Church where he can be peacefully raped.

The father, while being dragged from his house was heard to shout ‘I only wanted the kid to get into science! I didn’t mean it, guv!’

He was immediately charged with ‘hate speech’ and inciting violence toward Muslims.

Peace has now been restored. Carry on.

Image result for stupid police


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