Gender Jerks

I had no idea until yesterday the gender pronoun argument was a global phenomenon. I was reading a comment on a blog thread and the person mentioned a piece by Douglas Murray in the The Spectator about an interrogation a young teaching assistant was subjected to by faculty-staff at her university. The young lady recorded the Stasi Staff and sent the content around the world. I had thought it was a minor question, the reserve of attention-seekers.

It’s a global psychotic episode.

The first time I heard the word ‘identify’ used in the new context was in the story of Rachel Dolezal, a white woman pretending to be black. She claimed that she ‘identifies’ as black. I’m unsure what this means in the context. I think it means ‘I want to be black, so will pretend to be.’ It seems to me a ludicrous self-indulgence.

This sort of ‘I think it’s true because I say so’ rubbish is nothing new. For instance, consider some words by Hugh Montefiore about the experience of religious ‘conversion’ he went through:


‘I did not decide to convert: it was decided for me. To put it simply, when sitting alone in my study at school I had a vision of a figure in white accompanied by the words ‘Follow Me’, and I instinctively knew it was Jesus – don’t ask me how, as I had never read the New Testament or been involved in any Christian worship or even discussed Christianity with anyone. The event was self-authenticating, and took over my life.’


I’ll mention only the expression ‘self-authenticating’. If an intelligent and educated person such as Montefiore is happy to ‘self-authenticate’ on such a matter then I don’t see why a few gender jerks and pronoun prats can’t spout off about how they ‘identify’ with this or that gender. No doubt they know they are right because the facts have been ‘self-authenticated’. Our culture is becoming stupider.

What I don’t understand is why the chavplebs who demand their professors obey their linguistic whims on the grounds of tolerance and equality become snarling, intolerant canines when they don’t get their way. I wonder why that is?

The psychosis is double-edged.

Upon being told they won’t be indulged, the pronoun prat attacks the heretic – demanding he be thrown in jail, fired and broken on the wheel – and then begins to sob because they feel ‘unsafe’, ‘oppressed’ and begin to ‘identify’ as victims of ‘assault’.

It’s an odd thing to see: humans abnormally sensitive to their own feelings and opinions, while being psychopathically intolerant of anyone who opposes them. Why, one might think they are faking one or the other trait.

This behaviour is disgusting.

Now a teacher in this country, Joshua Sutcliffe, is being disciplined by his school for referring to a girl student as a girl. The girl identifies as a boy and so complaints needed to be made when the teacher accidently got things right.

This madness will continue until ISIS storms the country and settles the matter permanently.

I just wish I could be there when one of these chavplebs gets their whack of hormones in their early teens and realises their parents and teachers have indulged their immaturity and sent them half demented. The British ones will sue their parents for child abuse on the grounds the parents should have stopped them. The American teens won’t mess about. They’ll buy a few assault rifles and kill everyone in their school before whacking the parents.

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