Cultural Appropriation

It is part of the traditional recipe of the Cornish pasty to have jam stuffed into one corner.

This allows the clog-wearing pleb to finish with something ‘sweet’.

Indeed, the knotted band of pastry is designed has a ‘handle’, so the dirty, sweaty clog-wearer can hold it and eat the goodies without getting his filth on the part he’s eating.

Ginsters – those purveyors of fine food – don’t have jam in their pasties and don’t have the twisted, knotted pastry around the outside edge.

This is cultural appropriation at its worst and a form of ‘culture rape’, gastronomic imperialism – and is utterly racist against the Cornish.

I feel personally attacked by their non-Cornish pasty and will likely need a safe-space to hide in where I can slowly un-trigger myself.

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Picture: a recent rapist

Medicine versus Faith

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An American couple have been accused of denying their child medical treatment for religious reasons. The child is now dead. There is an online video of the child’s father’s mouth falling open when the judge reads out the charges. I’m not surprised he was surprised.

The Washington Post has a quote from the child’s alleged father:

‘“It didn’t seem smart to me that you would be saving people who weren’t the fittest. If evolution believes in survival of the fittest, well then why are we vaccinating everybody? Shouldn’t we just let the weak die off and let the strong survive?”

This is a perfectly reasonable position to take if you have managed to believe that after a person is dead they will continue to be alive – and if you also have no idea what you’re talking about. The problem is that ‘survival of the fittest’ has nothing to do with strength versus weakness. In this context ‘fittest’ means ‘best fit’ or ‘best suited to reproduce’. It is another way of saying ‘natural selection’ and has nothing to do with physical strength or weakness.

The child’s alleged father is also said to have little faith in doctors:

‘I’m not opposed to medicine or doctors, I’m opposed to bad medicine and doctors that are just, well, aren’t really doctors — they’re priesthoods of the medical cult. They have a certificate from some training camp somewhere that says they got this test score, but that doesn’t mean they know about the human body and stuff like that.’

It would probably have been bettere for the innocent child if this human had more faith in medicine and less in his god of choice.

I hope these terrible humans are given one of those proper American prison sentences; you know the sort of thing:

210 years in prison without possibility of parole – or something like that.

It’s time for a law stripping parents of the right to refuse their child treatment on religious grounds. If a child is ill all parents should be forced to seek medical attention and charged with violence against their child if they don’t or if they refuse to allow treatment for religious reasons.

I hope the pair of them are eaten from the inside by guilt and shame into old-age and death.

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