Dream Sketch Four

A man with no eyes, blinded and with but one arm is stood in front of me. A voice says he ‘used to be a tennis player.’ Next, I’m looking at him in profile and his eyes – which are now there – are bulging out of his head, dangerously far, but they are mis-shapen, like they have been battered square. Covering his eyes are large plastic protectors which are sealed onto his face – like bulbous goggles – I get the sense that this is because infection or damage could happen easily. On closer inspection I can see the eyes are almost hanging out and there are hundreds of wires / cables attached to the back of the eye, vanishing into the back of his head. I think they are flat wires, with something printed on them.

The scene changes and I am stood at the bottom of Hill Road , looking up to where the bend is by the church. At the top is a woman who seems to be evil, or someone to be scared of at any rate. She is shouting something down to me – and maybe unseen others – but I can’t make it out. Next, I am in the front garden of 22 Hill Road . I seem to have a disability of some kind which prevents me from hiding from the woman who is making her way down the hill. I look about in panic – what can I do, where can I go? The woman is a composite – part of her is the actress from V and Homeland.

Next I am crouched on the path which ran along the side of the house, close up against the wall as the woman arrived at the garden gate and looks down at me. I shout something at her – ‘You can’t keep kids in..(not sure)..it’s a subjection!” I know for sure I shout ‘It’s a subjection!’

By this time I am aware I am dreaming and decide to wake up because there is a real sense of fear in respect to this woman and whatever is planned I’m not hanging around for it, so I wake myself up to escape.

I used to live in the house when I was a child, but the rest I have no clue about. The actress from the show V is the lead disguised reptile: an attractive woman on the outside but a lizard underneath the surface.


Dream Sketch Two

I find myself in a brothel with BB. Initially, I have no idea that the girls are hookers, I wonder innocently why they have so many boy-friends, but the fact slowly dawns on me. One comes to speak to me. It is KG from school.

Some others in the brothel leave – there seems to be an argument about something, and they head home. I walk out of the building and discover the brothel in set up in a church.

The church is on a hill that overlooks LA; it is night, and I can see the orange strips of light in the distance – the boulevards of LA.

Some people leave and I decide to do the same, I then seem to be driving through a tunnel, looking for the airport, LAX.

As I walk the streets (the driving part quickly stopped) I worry about being attacked and robbed. Two men immediately do so and I decide to fight back. I kill one of my attackers.

My hands have what should be the murder weapon covered in blood gripped tightly, but as I look, I see the evidence is English money – about £25 in notes – covered in runny shit. I know I have to ditch the evidence.

As I bend to drop the shitty cash down a drain, a voice warns me “don’t do it, man. They always check the drains”

I seem to have an accomplice. He warns me about not disposing of the evidence there, and I scarper into the alleyways behind some buildings.

By this time, I realise I am not in LA anymore – I am back in WSM, hiding behind some buildings on the high street.

I notice the police are closing in, and they are in LA uniforms. I then seem to be under questioning. I decide to blag them off.

The chief detective fellow is supremely confidant and assured. He has blonde hair and asks me about my phone. He wants to know if I have made any calls that night. This question seems to be connected to the dead attacker – but I have no idea why. I say I haven’t made any calls, and he asks me for the last numbers I dialled and when. I have the feeling they always knew I had done the crime and that they were just playing with me.

At this point I seem to switch between the person being nicked, and a phantom observer. The person now arrested is a chubbier version of the policeman who asked about my phone. Short blonde hair, but this guy has glasses.

He is arrested and taken to the airport (my original destination) for extradition to the UK.

There is a media scramble, this guy – the blonde with glasses – seems to be a celebrity of some sort; dressed flamboyantly like Elton John.

His hair is amazing. It looks like a peacock’s feathers wrapped against the back of his head. And his hair extends high above the top of his head. On top he is bald, with a few thick black hair – rather like cables – are sticking out. I have the feeling that he has or needs hair replacement therapy.

The media scrum moves through the airport, and one member of the party is Graham Souness, the former footballer.

I have no idea about this dream – and haven’t attempted any sort of interpretation, or searched for any links or meaning and so on.

Dream Sketch One

I’m walking through part of Disneyland, Paris. I visited this place with B and J – but in the dream I’m walking with T and L through one of the park’s restaurants.

The décor is dark purple, and there’s an ‘uneasy’ feeling I have about the place. At the front, by the doors, is a tall woman with a person either side of her, she seems to be in charge and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. I look at the diners and each person is eating the same meal – chicken, with mash potato and red-cabbage. Each plate has exactly the same food. The chicken is ‘on the bone,’ part of the actual carcass, and some people are really shoving the carcass in their mouths to get the meat.

We walk out the doors and are behind the ‘Hotel Santa Fe’ – where me, B and J stayed before, and I think about sending T to the large ‘statue of Elvis’ which I think is in the grounds of the next hotel along – this reminds me of a punctured balloon incident, but I don’t think the statue the balloon brushed against was of Elvis because the hotel was a ‘wild west’ themed hotel.

I say to T and L something like ‘There it is – the hotel Santa Fe.’

It’s as if we’ve been travelling there and have ‘finally arrived.’

I don’t understand this at all. The restaurant was a little creepy – like a ‘good time’ was being imposed and demanded, and I was thinking about this the other day in respect to a proper tyranny. Proper tyrannies make sure you show you enjoy yourself and so on – they won’t let you ‘opt-out.’ The faces of the persons were unclear.

Everyone was eating exactly the same thing – no choice off the menu. This reminds me of a discussion I’ve been having with a guy about the death penalty. He wanted to have executions two minutes after a guilty verdict, and I accused him of picking ‘a la carte’ the things tyrannies did which he happened to like and therefore his attitude was a ‘pick n mix’ attitude. This could tie-in with the tyranny being imposed in the restaurant – I don’t know.

Tyranny in the restaurant: where food is served. A la carte, and pick n mix, are both expressions which refer to food / eating.

The statue of Elvis reminds me of a song by Manic Street Preachers called ‘Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier’

Reviewing the lyrics the line which stands out is ‘Overweight and out of date.’ I’ve been thinking about weight-gain since I stopped smoking three months ago, and also about relationships and the reduced choices a person has when they get older. There are vague connections in the lyrics: my father is from ‘ Lancashire ‘ – which is mentioned – and the lyric is, more or less, dark, or bleak, in tone; which would match the mood of my musings about weight and age.

Though I don’t know why my subconscious put me in Disneyland (there was an art exhibition recently in my town called ‘Dismaland’) or placed me around the hotel Santa Fe. This is a convoluted way – and psychologically wasteful – of getting in a reference to the lyrics from a song. I know the subconcious is smarter than this.

As usual: who knows?