A Man of Wealth and Taste


I’m now going to indulge in a spot of crazy speculation. I’m going to imagine there was in this country a national vote on the question of whether or not the Tories were a bunch of land-downing toffs who liked to snort cocaine through the hollowed-out finger-bones of their servants’ dead babies.

I think this question should be put to the country.

It would be interesting to look at the results. I’m going to be a snob and assume that a ‘yes’ vote might be concentrated in the North-East of the country. It’s not a shock that certain categories of person think the same way. There’s even a cliché to describe this: “birds of a feather flock together.”

Don’t they just.

The results of the EU vote show the cliché is probably true. Many of the Westminster/Media/Celebrity class wanted to remain in the EU. There was a clear ‘remain’ London bubble.

Who could forget Gary Lineker’s clever Tweet where he said ‘U Kip for a few hours….’?

Or poor Richard Bacon’s reaction-tweet: pouring his heart out that he feels so sad now, and the vote to leave was (not only) ‘small’ but ungrateful to eastern European immigrants. Perhaps it’s immigrants who deliver his cocaine? I have no idea.

That this category of person voted to Remain makes sense, and so does their reaction to losing the vote. The elitist always thinks he knows better than everyone else.

Consider the reaction of another Celebrity/Media/London (etc.) bubble-head: Damon Albarn. He told a massed gathering of proles that democracy had failed us because it was ill-informed. Ill informed?

Irony isn’t Albarn’s strong point.

What he means is he dislikes the result, and wishes it had gone the other way. But why not just say that, then? It’s the answer to that which is where the most interesting aspect to this vote is to be found.

In describing democracy as ill-informed, Albarn is hiding his real meaning. He means the 17 million humans who voted to leave the EU were ill-informed, but how can he possibly know this?

He can’t, and that’s the point. Who’s truly “ill informed” here?

(Perhaps Albarn was taught to read minds by Derren Brown?)

His attitude is stupendously arrogant: he has simply decided to believe the majority didn’t understand the complicated arguments. (Even Richard Bacon called the result ‘economically illiterate’. How would he know? He’s just repeating phrases he’s heard others use.)

We can all be snobs about this or that, and I’m no different in principle. However, I’m confident that, even at my most conceited, I wouldn’t be deluded enough to publicly write-off 17 million voters as idiots for voting the wrong way.

But what Damon Albarn and Richard Bacon Gary Lineker think is not shocking. Their conformist bubble-views are to be expected.

The celebrity who shocked me was Derren Brown.

He Tweeted support for a second referendum, here.

This is actually shocking because Derren Brown is so obviously intelligent and educated. In addition, he’s a (somewhat) outspoken atheist who has written about the importance of science as compared to superstition, and the importance of thinking rationally and using evidence. Yet here we have Mr Brown openly declaring his desire for a second referendum.

What is going on inside Derren Brown’s head?

Why is this rationalist failing to appreciate the basic principle of democracy?

Does he not see that counted and verified votes are significant empirical evidence for something?

The death of Diana revealed that millions of us are bleating-sheep under the human veneer; Facebook allowed millions of us to reveal that we’re over-grown children with “issues” who should never have been allowed to reproduce; and this EU vote has revealed that many “celebrities” are extraordinarily arrogant, and have their own inner-Stalin to deal with.

I would have expected these elitists to have kept this horrid side to their characters hidden, yet they seem happy for the world to know what they’re like under the rubber-skin.

I knew Derren Brown was creepy, but I always thought it was part of the act.

Picture: Derren Brown after debating a ‘Leaver’ on the EU question.



Brexit Backtrack

Most politicians in this country will claim to be democrats, to ‘respect’ the democratic process and place democracy ‘above party politics’. It seems clear that large numbers of the Westminster elite have been hiding a sneering attitude to democracy and the ordinary voter behind their focus-group-arranged faces. This isn’t really a surprise. The surprise is that things are desperate enough for them to happily reveal their true natures.

Chuka Ummuna is the sort of super-smooth elitist who has contempt for the ordinary voter and was ‘talking up’ the sacred 48%; David Lammy – who at least had the decency to openly call the for the result to be ignored – is another.

The feelings of the 48ers must be ‘respected’? What does that actually mean in practice?

The creepiest politician I’ve seen since the result is Daniel Hannan. On the Friday morning, no more than a few hours after the result, he was on the BBC referendum programme saying that nothing needed to happen right away, and has since been getting into circulation the idea that immigration won’t be affected by leaving the EU. It is a very odd position for a ‘leaver’ to take.

Liam Fox – another one claiming to support leaving the EU – said exactly the same sort of things and asked for a period of ‘reflection’.

Why? Why not, after getting the result, should there not be a period of ‘action’?

Respect the result? No.

Obey the result.

David Cameron quite obviously made a significant error in promising a referendum on membership of the EU.  In addition, Boris Johnson knows he made a mistake in hitching a ride to Downing Street on the ‘Leave’ ticket.

What is Boris meant to do now? He’s on a sticky wicket. He got the wrong result.

I cannot believe Boris actually wanted to win. It would make his life easier if his side had lost.

The poor bloke now has to work out a way to say the right things to his party (which wants to remain in the EU) and to the country (which wants to leave) to ensure he gets the job, and he’ll also have to work out a way to renege on his Leave credentials after he’s in Downing Street, and that’ll be fiddly enough even if there’s no general election. No wonder he’s spent the weekend in the country surrounded by schemers. Now the weekend is over, and he’s back in town, he needs to set out to the likes of us what’s jolly well what.

What will be lurking under his carefully scripted and rehearsed words will be the secret desire to stay within the EU.

His words will contain no concrete pledge to enact Article 50 or to actually leave.

The only member of the political class who came straight out and said Article 50 should be enacted immediately, because the people had spoken, was Jeremy Corbyn.

And his party’s elite is showing yet more contempt (this time for their party’s membership) by trying to get rid of him, when, in party terms, he’s got a mandate the size of Jupiter to lead.

This is what will happen:

Corbyn will be got rid of and the leadership of his party will back in clutches of interchangeable political careerists.

Boris will become PM and will delay the Article 50 question and allow it to be forgotten in an ocean of waffle and ‘there’s no need to rush’ posturing.

The British people will go along with this. The British won’t care in large enough numbers because too many of us will be concentrating on our star-signs and picking our lottery numbers.

This Is Not An Exit

The Irish voted ‘no’ to the Lisbon Treaty and this was the wrong answer, so they were made to vote again.
Doesn’t that tell anyone anything about the EU?
The Lisbon Treaty used to be called the ‘EU Constitution’ but the EU had to change the name because ‘constitution’ made it sound like a constitution.
It was good they did.
Changing the name meant many countries in the EU didn’t have to hold the elections they promised. The British government promised us a referedum on the EU Constitution, when the EU changed the name, they reneged on this. It had a different name, therefore it was a different thing.
Doesn’t this tell anyone anything about the British political class?
It is quite depressing to hear what I thought were intelligent persons repeating, parrot-fashion, platitudinous rubbish they’ve heard on television, or seen on a front-page, as if it were their own opinion.
They stroke their chins and say “we need access to the single market. I’m voting in” because they like other people to think they have considered opinions
Then, they go back to watching Eastenders, feeling content because they’ve “had their say”.
Liberty and freedom are wasted on some people.
These human-sheep don’t know the difference between a common market and the single market. The difference is the same as the difference between a public park and a large prison excercise yard.
Now, the political class is all over the media getting into circulation the idea that nothing whatsoever is going happen because of this result, and that nothing will change.
This makes ignoring the result much easier because the public are being primed to expect nothing. The significance of the leave victory is being played-down.
All the suited politicians need to do is keep a straight face and not sweat too much.
I hope those who voted ‘remain’ will now be able to see what the EU actually is, and feel a modicum of shame for their stupidity and gullability.
It’s unlikely, however.
Somebody who didn’t know what the EU was after the Irish incident will NEVER be able to see what is in front of their faces.
This is not an exit:

Brexit Bullshit

The following words were spoken by David Cameron, the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

“I’m absolutely clear, a referendum is a referendum. It is a once in a generation, once in a lifetime opportunity and the result determines the outcome. If we vote to stay, we stay, and that’s it. If we vote to leave, we vote to leave, that’s it. You can’t have neverendums, you have referendums.”

He is talking about the vote to leave the EU his side lost two days ago.

Read the words with care. Note the three statements of the obvious which sound like he’s saying something else.

Yes, a referendum is a referendum, and yes, the result of the referendum does dertermine the result of the referendum; oh, and yes – if we vote to leave, we certainly have voted to leave.

What’s strange is that many persons have come out to protest the result, saying that they dislike the result and so want another vote. Such people don’t understand how these things work. The complainers could have kept their intolerance for democracy hidden.

There is no need for them to fight for another vote when the result of the one they lost will be ignored.

It is true that, these studenty types are so clueless about politics they don’t know when they’ve won.

Enacting Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (which used to be called the EU Constitution, and we were promised a referendum on it; but they changed it’s name, so the government slimed out of the referendum it promised) will NEVER happen.

We will NEVER leave the EU.

Lisbon Treaty

Brexit: The Movie

This is a superb documentary. It explains much about the EU Soviet, and why Britain should leave. The EU is a bureaucracy which has a life of it’s own. It is the stuff of nitemares. Kafka would never have been able to believe it. I’m unconvinced the British will vote to leave because the many don’t understand how hideous the EU is, and many other are not ‘boat-rockers’ so play the safe vote.